The skin plays an important role in the overall appearance of every person, and for this reason, there is a multitude of skin care product manufacturers that offer all types of skin care products with billions of dollars being spent by the consumers in this industry every year. There are also many different types of skin diseases that can have an adverse effect on the beauty of the skin, and some are more common than other.

Skin Imperfections

Many skin imperfections are not considered as diseases but are present because the individual was born with a demarcation. These are often referred to as birth marks. They are not easy to get rid of except through cosmetic surgery procedures. They can appear on any part of the body. In most cases, unless they appear in a visible area of the skin, most people will not bother to have them corrected.


Acne is probably the most common skin affliction that most people have to deal with. Technically, it is often not referred to as a disease. It is most common during the puberty period and can affect both the genders. Sometimes adults can also suffer from acne. There are many products on the market that can help deal with acne.

Contact Dermatitis

Sometimes, this is referred to as eczema, but the term contact dermatitis refers more to the appearance of the skin. If an area of the skin is red, swollen or inflamed and there is no infection present then it may fall under the category of contact dermatitis.

Skin Pigment Disorders

Another common problem of the skin is when the skin tones are being affected where one area of the skin is a significantly different in colour than the other. There are many different disorders that can come under this category such as pigment loss and skin damage or vitiligo.