There are not many people who have never purchased some type of skin care product ever. Even if this is restricted to just buying soap for cleansing the skin, it is still within this category. At one time, most people failed to pay attention to the ingredients of the products that they were choosing to buy. Now, many have become educated about this and are more intent on learning about the raw materials used in the manufacturing process.

Knowing the ingredients is Important

What a lot of people find confusing and frustrating is the name of the ingredients that are listed on their beauty and skin care products. Many of them are so technical that they are hard to even pronounce. It is important to know which ingredients can not only be harmful to your skin but also could possibly interfere with your good health.

Increased risk of breast cancer

Some skin care products could possibly contain ingredients that could raise the risk of breast cancer. Parabens, for example, have been exposed as potentially being one of these ingredients. Parabens are used in beauty products to extend the shelf life of the product and to help reduce the growth of bacteria in the product.


Many beauty care products contain colouring agents to help retain their appeal to the consumers. More often than not, synthetic colours that are used in these types of products are made from petroleum or coal tar. These types of colourings are suspected of having carcinogens and at the very least can irritate the skin.


This is a very common ingredient in most cosmetic products because it is needed to mask the unpleasant odours of other ingredients. Again, one must be wary of these as they can cause allergies or respiratory illnesses in some people.

These are just three of many different potentially harmful ingredients that could be present in your choice of beauty products.