You may not realize it, but your skin is the biggest organ of your body. It is something that most people pay a great deal of attention to when it comes to their appearance, but they take it for granted when it comes to their overall health.

It plays an important role in protecting many of your vital internal organs. It has the job of stopping the intrusion of many different types of bacteria, debris, and chemicals. As a protector, the surface of the skin becomes laden with these items and needs a proper and regular cleansing.

Face Cleansing

Along with your hands, your neck and face are the most exposed areas when it comes to your skin. Proper cleansing of your face should take place at least twice a day. This includes a regimen of using a quality facial cleanser, rinsing well, then applying a moisturizer. This type of constant cleansing means that many of the natural oils are removed from the facial skin. The moisturizer will help to replenish these and keeps the skin soft and supple.

Hand Cleansing

Most people end up washing their hands multiple times throughout the day. The skin on the hands is a little different than skin in other areas. It is more resilient when it comes to withstanding constant cleaning. There will be times when the hands lack moisture as a result of repetitive cleansing or from exposure to different types of weather conditions or chemicals. Again, in this case, moisturizers can be used to correct this problem.

Body Cleansing

This is most aptly done through bathing or showering. Many people like to do this on a daily basis, however, in most cases, every second or third day may be sufficient.

All of these cleansings of the skin methods are important to not only keep the skin healthy but helps in keeping one in good over all health.